Undergraduate student projects

16. Sangyoon Han
(Spring 2015) Applications of Gestures and Vibrotactile Feedback in Office Worker Environment
(Spring 2016) Authoring of Interactive and Immersive 4D Content using Actual Vehicle Motion
15. Kyungsik Moon
(Spring 2014) Haptic Emotional Interaction in Mobile Phone Calls
14. Deunsol Jung
(Spring 2014) Navigation Aids for Visually Impaired People Using Haptic Wings
(Fall 2014) Haptic Feedback Pattern Design for Indoor Navigation of Users with Visual Impairment
13. Taekbum Yoo
(Fall 2013) Congruence between Visual and Haptic Icons Based on Emotional Responses
(Spring 2014) Affective Responses of Haptic Icons
12. Moonhyun Jung
(Fall 2013) Haptic Fluid Rendering with Force-Feedback Device
(Spring 2014) Virtual Frottage Simulation with Haptic Device
11. Yongjae Yoo
(Fall 2010) Tactile Icon Based on Using Musical Dynamics
10. Sanghoon Han
(Fall 2010) Haptic Device Functioning as a White Cane
9. Sunghwan Shin
(Spring 2010) 3D Deformable Object Simulation
8. Jongman Seo
(Fall 2008) Creating Continuous Vibrotactile Sensation on Mobile Device
7. Jinoh Oh
(Fall 2007) Deformable Object Rendering
6. Yeongbin Kim
(Fall 2007) PingPong Game with Haptic Devices
5. Seunghyun Yang
(Fall 2007) Drawing Application with Haptic Device
4. Jaebong Lee
(Fall 2007) Virtual Pottery Modeling
3. Eunseok Yang
(Fall 2006) Virtual Painting
2. Joongchul Kim
(Fall 2006) Haptic Pottery Making